The tie dimple is an elegant finishing touch to the well-put-together outfit.

The dimple is a little hollow right below the knot. Before you tighten the knot, place your index finger bellow the knot in the middle and form a hollow by squeezing the two sides of the necktie. Then tighten your knot and gradually slip your finger out. The dimple should remain in the center.
    How to get a perfect tie dimple: step 1  

    1. When the knot is formed gently pull the apron (the wider part) to tighten.
    How to get a perfect tie dimple: step 2  

    2. As the knot begins to snug up toward your neck and collar laterally pinch the apron just under the knot itself.
    How to get a perfect tie dimple: step 3  

    3. Pull the tail (the narrow part) slowly but firmly. Make certain to let go of the pinch just as the knot is formed.
Make certain that the knot is straight and that the apron falls to your belt buckle. Practice and it becomes simple.

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The Perfect Dimple